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How to learn to design software? Difference between software and app

Any software has an external form called a user interface. And there is an internal part to work, where there are different types of algorithms. There is also a database, where all the information is stored.

Suppose software is a car, now the car has a little external appearance, what the car looks like from inside and outside, what to do with any part inside, etc., in the case of software this is the user interface. Now there are many types of equipment inside the car, such as engine, armature, etc., that drive the car. In the case of software, this is the algorithm.

If you want to learn how to make software, you must first learn your programming language. C, C #, C ++, Objective C, Java, Ruby, etc. are some of the popular programming languages. It is also important for which platform you want to build software for, if you spell for Android, then you have to learn Java, if you spell for Windows then C, C #, C ++, etc. Along with learning programming, you also need to know how to create and maintain a database, how to build algorithms, and so on.

This is followed by combining your algorithm and database to create a usable application or software. Before that, you must design the user interface. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional graphic designer. Or you can create a simple interface yourself by watching the tutorials.

Microsoft Visual Studio (Windows) and Android Studio (Android) are the two applications that make the app usable.

I told them what to learn. You can learn for free from YouTube or various blogs/websites. Of course, if you want, you can take a paid course, according to your wishes. But first, start learning to program. It is best to learn C / C ++ first, then Java

Is there a difference between software and app?

The app (short for application) is created to do just one thing. For example, vlc-media-player has been created for watching videos only. Browser for browsing, photo editor for photo editing, these are apps. The application requires a user command, which means that the application cannot run automatically. You can turn it on and off at the end of the task.

On the other hand, the software is created to do many things at once. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android operating systems are software that can do a lot of things together. For example, in Windows you can see the time together, you can see the calendar, you can run the browser, you can see the pictures together, that is, you can do many things together. In addition, the software can run in the background i.e. on its own.

As the software moves in the background, the battery charge is slightly reduced.

We can say that All applications are software but not all software applications.

We also say it another way if don’t understand the first one!

Each computer machine consists of two main components: Hardware and software.

Hardware: All real object entities that you actually see. Mouse, monitor, printer, keyboard, hard drive, etc. are the hardware components of a computer.

Software: A computer’s memory contains certain programs and executable processes. These programs are called ‘software’!

Applications: Applications are a type of software known as application software in computer memory, with the help of which the computer user can perform certain tasks or the computer itself can perform a task.

Software or system software on the other hand is actually nothing more than an operating system. Both the computer and the user are used to communicate with each other

So an application is nothing more than software created for user design.



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